Lead Worshiper FAQ

1. When choosing musicians for my worship band, should I choose someone who is more spiritual over someone who is a better musician?

The worship will fall flat and will be empty if it is led by good musicians who are not in love with God. I would always choose heart over skill. However the goal is to find both. Amazing musicians who are living for the glory of God.

2. Sometimes before leading worship I feel my heart is not totally prepared or right with God. Should I still go ahead and lead worship even though I feel this way?

For me if I’m aware of anything that is not right in my life before God I will ask His forgiveness. When you prepare to lead ask God to search your heart and then spend time getting right before God. Then go for it. Step out and lead God’s people in worship.

The other reality is that sometimes we don’t feel like leading worship. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you feel distant from God. At these times we have to chose to worship.

3. What will make me most effective as a worship leader?

You can’t effectively lead people into God’s presence if you are not regularly entering in. It’s so important for worship leaders to embrace the hidden place. When I first started playing the guitar I would spend hours and hours worshipping. It wasn’t because I wanted to be a worship leader. It was because I loved Jesus. [...] Don’t do it to prepare a set list. Do it because your heart is overflowing with praise.

4. What is a common pitfall you run into as a worship leader? What do you do to avoid this?

I think a key area where worship leaders often stumble is with pride. Pride comes before a fall, so seek humility with all your heart.

5. What do you think your ultimate role as a worship leader is?

My ultimate role as a worship leader is to direct people to God. I love the words of John the Baptist – “He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30) [...] My desire is that people would see Jesus increase in my life. In the way I speak, the things I do and in who I am.

From an interview with Tim Hughes (only part of the original article is shown)